Steve Bikoplein

A unique project for a unique client. Together with Standard Studio and our client, an artist, we have created a wonderful apartment that perfectly resembles himself. the color palette needed for this project seems to be endless, but the final effect is perfectly matched and very pleasing to the eye.

In this apartment in Amsterdam, we did a general renovation covering all rooms – hall, workspace, bedrooms, bathroom, toilet and living room.

The color of the window frames and faucets in the main bathroom is particularly eye-catching, although it seems to play a different role in each of these rooms. In the bathroom, white tiles are the background for these yellow wonders and in other rooms they act as a contrast to the other colors. We painted both the faucets and the windows ourselves on special request.

We did all the plastering and paiting job. We also took care of the wooden beams which are now a decoration for this space. We created an open space with bathroom, garderobe and the main bedroom. All the tiles were placed with most care for details- look at the corners of the washbasin in the bathroom!

This was very fun and exiting project and I coudn’t wait to share it with you!